About Me


My background is a mixture of martial arts and fitness, something I have been involved in since 1977, where after some time off (8 years!) I managed to gain my black belt. It took me 3 years, from 1996-99, something I was spurred into doing to get my fitness back.

In 2000 I opened my own karate club, and I kept pushing myself, gaining my 2nd dan in 2005 and 3rd dan in 2016.

In 2013 I qualified to teach fitness as well as martial arts, this started with a kettlebell classes, evolved into a bootcamp, and then became my company Fundamental Fitness which now offers Group Personal Training. In 2021 I completed my fitness vision and built a studio in my garage for 1-1, 1-2 and small group training, this allows me to use techniques and specific equipment that I want, in a space that is private and designed exactly as I and my clients need it.

My passion for delivering the right training for people has led me on a journey of learning, where I am often the oldest student, but I am never the quietest! Fitness training has given me a passion and drive to help people experience the benefits that I have, and I am hoping to inspire and help others to enjoy that same experience.

Why FUNdamental Fitness

“Working from my life experience, it is great to help people on their fitness journey, whatever shape or form that comes in. I focus on helping you to achieve your fitness & nutrition goals.”

– Peter Swallow

Our Founder

Peter is the only StrongFirst Level 2 kettlebell instructor in East Yorkshire, in fact he is the oldest instructor in the UK. He is also a Sports Performance coach and a Youth strength & conditioning specialist.

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